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I am certain that the best and most comprehensive pregnancy care is only achieved from a collaborative approach between doctors and midwives.
To be sure that I can offer you the best care possible, I work with a brilliant and very experienced midwife, Polly Delaney. Polly will work with you to form a personalised midwifery support and birth plan so that you are prepared, empowered and confident not only during your pregnancy and delivery but also as you are adjusting and learning to be a parent of a new baby. Polly is also a certified lactation consultant and will be able to help ready you and then provide personalised support as you and your baby learn to breastfeed.

Polly Delaney – Midwife; Registered Nurse and Lactation Consultant

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You will meet with Polly several times throughout your pregnancy where she will workshop topics such as weight gain in pregnancy, diet in pregnancy, exercise in pregnancy, pregnancy classes and community resources.  What makes Polly a particularly unique and brilliant resource for you is that she currently works as a midwife on the delivery suite at both the Mater and the Prince of Wales Private hospitals. Guided by this first hand experience, Polly is in a great position to be able to help you prepare for your birth experience, at the hospital of your choice.
Adjusting to being a parent of a new baby can be tough and Polly has your back! She will make sure you have the support and flexibility that is needed to navigate the first few months of parenthood. You will sit down with Polly within one week of having your baby to make sure you, your baby and your feeding plan are on track and stay that way.  She is particularly passionate about supporting you emotionally and caring for your mental health.

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