Being pregnant is a very unique and special time as well as a mind blowing physiological feat. As your Obstetrician, my aim is to allow your journey through pregnancy to be as healthy, safe, informed, individualised, inclusive and therefore memorable as possible.
I prioritise making myself accessible and available to you and your team. In order to do this, I limit both my commitments in the public sector and the number of private obstetric patients that I book. I have purposely chosen to perform deliveries exclusively at the Prince of Wales Private Hospital and the Mater Hospital, meaning I can devote my full attention to you at the hospital of your choice.
I very much appreciate that pregnancy and birth is inherently a natural process. I therefore believe that intervention should only occur when it is both indicated and has been discussed with, and evaluated by, you and your team. I am an Obstetrician who is very motivated by caring for women with uncomplicated pregnancies who aim to appropriately minimise the medicalisation of their pregnancy and delivery.

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    To insure the safest pregnancy, your antenatal care needs to be tailored to your specific needs. Some women have pre-existing medical conditions that could impact the course of their pregnancy or not uncommonly, women with no medical history can develop pregnancy-associated conditions. Having completed the majority of my obstetric training at large, tertiary hospitals, I have a refined set of skills that are well suited to managing those pregnancies which are, or become, complex. This includes, but is not limited to, caring for women with diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune conditions, uterine fibroids, anxiety and other mental health conditions, eating disorders, epilepsy, twins, IVF conceived pregnancies and those women over the age of 40.


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