Should you decide to breastfeed, it is a skill that is needed to be learned simultaneously by first time mothers and their baby. Easy access to quality guidance and advice is essential during this process.
Your ultimate success at breast feeding starts with preparation before you have had your baby. As the time of your delivery approaches, all of my patients sit down with midwife Polly who is a certified lactation consultant. She will discuss your feelings and intentions regarding how you would like to feed your baby. She can also workshop any fears or stories you may have heard regarding breast feeding. Most importantly, she will start to discuss ways you can start to physically prepare your body before birth to encourage adequate breast milk production when it is needed.


As a patient of mine, you will also be able to access the lactation service during your stay at the either Prince of Wales Private Hospital or the Mater Hospital. These services are specifically designed to support you and your baby whilst you are establishing breastfeeding in hospital. You can choose to attend structured sessions that run throughout the week, or request a visit to your private room from a lactation consultant during your hospital stay.


Within one week of leaving hospital, you will sit down with midwife Amanda. She is also very experienced in breast feeding and can help you troubleshoot any issues you may be having breastfeeding your baby. If needed, we will also arrange for you to come back and spend some additional sessions with Amanda or Polly until you feel confident and comfortable with your feeding plan.

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