Perinatal Psychologist 

My team and I are keen to look after you in a way that is mindful, non judgemental and respectful of your history, values and priorities. Whether you are working with me to improve your chances of starting a family or are already pregnant, for many these journeys can present challenges, exacerbate anxieties or current coping mechanisms. My team and I are committed to providing you with a style of care that takes all of this into consideration and in certain situations being open to including the skills of a psychologist can be really useful. 


Dr Melanie Brookes is a clinical psychologist who has a special interest and experience in perinatal mental health, anxiety and depression.
She often works closely with our practice to provide an even deeper level of insight and support to the mental health of our patients. This translates into real improvements not only to the outcome of our treatment plan but also the way patients and often those around them, experience the journey in getting there. Melanie operates a private practice based in the building next to our CBD office.


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