Gestational Diabetes

Amanda Bartlett – Diabetes Educator

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Amanda is a highly regarded diabetes educator specialising in diabetes in pregnancy and a long time friend of our practice. She is the current sitting Vice President of the Australian Diabetes Educator Association. Amanda is also a trained midwife and so understands the pressures of pregnancy and how your diabetes test fits in with the bigger picture. Should you be diagnosed with gestational diabetes, we will arrange for you to sit down with Amanda so together you can formulate a plan to closely monitor your blood sugar levels. She will also educate and help you introduce some lifestyle and diet changes to give you the best chance of avoiding the need to start insulin.

Dr Amanda Beech – Endocrinologist and Obstetric Physician

Should your blood sugars not adequately respond to diet and lifestyle changes, we may have the need to include Endocrinologist Dr Amanda Beech into our team. Amanda is also an Obstetric Physician and has done a breadth of training in how to best care for any pregnancy related medical issue.
She will discuss your medical options in blood sugar management (it doesn’t always mean needles). Just as importantly, Amanda will follow you up after you have had your baby to make sure everything has been carefully considered and controlled, to optimise your long term health and that of any future pregnancies.

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