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Fertility Counselling


My desire as a Fertility Specialist is to care for you not only medically but also financially and emotionally. For some, the fertility journey can be one that benefits from additional and expert support.
All of my patients who undertake an IVF cycle are offered a complimentary session with an experienced counsellor. For this, my practice often calls upon the expertise of clinical psychologist Dr Melanie Brookes. Melanie has a depth of experience in both couples therapy and one on one work and can help you acknowledge, navigate and process the many emotions that surface during fertility treatment in a functional and manageable way.

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    Donor Counselling


    It is a NSW government requirement that all patients wishing to use donor eggs or sperm have at least one session of counselling. My practice isn’t just about meeting requirements. Rather, I want to make sure that your specific needs are thoroughly met and you are making informed decisions with confidence.


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    For many patients using donor sperm or eggs, the minimum counselling is sufficient. However, some patients will benefit from further support and guidance as they contemplate starting a family. In these cases, I have a close and working relationship with Miranda Montrone who runs a private counselling practice in Glebe. Miranda has over 30 years of experience in helping single women as well as same sex and heterosexual couples navigate their fertility journey. Miranda is a member of the Australia and New Zealand Infertility Counsellors’ Association (ANZICA) and can provide valuable insight and advice to patients who may be coming to terms with the fact they are using donor sperm or eggs.
    She is also experienced in helping guide discussions with family members or between members of a couple. Miranda also has a special interest in patients using eggs or sperm from a known donor (ie friend or family member) and workshopping issues such as future parenting, finances and logistics related to raising a child.
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