I understand that private care in women’s health and in particular fertility, can be financially challenging. I therefore place great importance on spending the time to outline any fee structure that is associated with your care so that you understand it and can make informed decisions.

Monash IVF Fees*


The cost of IVF is often overestimated by patients and should always be accompanied with any other costs associated with IVF treatment. The following are fees set by Monash IVF for IVF, Artificial Insemintation (IUI), Ovulation Induction and Egg Freezing. They require specific interpretation to be applicable to your situation and I would be very happy to help you do this via email, phone or during a consultation.

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    In general:


    Type of TreatmentDescription
    Initial Cycle First Cycle in that calendar year
    Subsequent Cycle Second or more cycle in that calendar year (does not matter which company the initial cycle was done with)
    ICSI Type of IVF where the sperm is directly injected into egg
    Medical There is a medical reason why freezing your eggs may be indicated
    Non-Medical There is no medical reason to freeze your eggs
    TreatmentCycle CostEstimated Rebate from MedicareApproximate Out of Pocket Cost
    IVF Cycle (Initial) $8,812.15 $4,837.40 $3,986.65
    IVF Cycle (Subsequent) $8,812.15 $5,404.30 $3,425.15
    IVF w/ ICSI Cycle (Initial) $9,823.15 $5,314.40 $4,521.40
    IVF w/ICSI Cycle (Subsequent) $9,823.15 $5,881.30 $3,959.90
    Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) $3,225.30 $733.65 $2,491.65
    Artificial Insemination (IUI) Cycle $2,381.25 $537.35 $1,844.65
    Ovulation Induction $718.00 - $718.00
    Egg Freeze Initial (Medical) $8,551.60 $4,790.00 $3,773.50
    Egg Freeze Subsequent (Medical) $8,551.60 $5,359.95 $3,208.95
    Egg Freeze (Non Medical) $6,673.00 - $6,673.00
    Ongoing storage fee for frozen eggs/embryos - - $220 per 6 months

    * Fees listed are based on having private health insurance and having reached the Medicare safety net. Final out of pocket costs will depend on patients’ individual circumstances and should be discussed directly with the finance liason officer at Monash IVF.

    Obstetric Fees


    The following table outlines our obstetric fees and as a practice we have structured them to be all inclusive and as simple as possible. This means that no matter how many times you see me during your pregnancy, or whichever way you deliver your baby, these fees will not change. They are also inclusive of a personalised midwifery program by Amanda and Polly and our review and support for you during the months after you have had your baby.



    TimeItem NumberPurposeFeeMedicare RebateOut of Pocket Fee
    First Visit 16401 Initial review including history; examination; investigations and outline of care plan $300 $70 $230
    Routine Visits 16500 Ongoing management of pregnancy $100 $40 $60
    28 weeks 16590 Fee for planning and management of pregnancy. Includes 24 hour on call obstetric care $5100 $325 $4775
    Delivery 16519 16522 Fee for delivery NO CHARGE Paid directly by health fund under the “NO GAP” scheme. If you are uninsured please call my office to establish an appropriate fee N/A N/A
    6 weeks after delivery 16404 Postnatal follow up and examination NO CHARGE Bulk Billed N/A N/A
    For more information on the cost of IVF or to arrange a discussion with me about my fee structure for obstetrics or fertility, please contact the rooms and we will happily take the time to explain it all to you and answer any questions you may have.


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