Single Parents & Same Sex Couples

I have a special interest in caring for patients not in a relationship but wish to become parents. My association with MonashIVF and in particular its exclusive affiliation with premium international sperm and egg banks are a unique and extremely useful aspect of the care that I can provide you.
I am also particularly passionate about being up to date with reproductive options for same sex couples. I am intimately aware of the many, complex and often insidious challenges that members of our community can face during their journey to create a family.
Society at large is becoming more comfortable with the idea that there is no “normal” when it comes to what makes up a family unit. This, along with recent advancements in equal rights, has fuelled a movement within the highly commercial fertility world that has a great appetite for the “pink dollar”. My experience is that this is a two edged sword. Such interest can provide impetuous for important structural and legislative change which ultimately increases useful options for creating families. However, it has also seen the emergence of practitioners and practices that are superficial, misguided and precarious; all of which can leave patients feeling used, disappointed and exposed. Single parents, same sex couples and transgender people, undeniably each have a unique set of circumstances that need to be navigated when taking the journey to start a family. However, this need not render these patients vulnerable, ignorant or exposed to commercial exploitation or substandard service. Rather, it does mean these patients must be smart, considered and discerning. I’m not here to create a “rainbow”; a “gaybie” or anything that has a particular affiliation with the colour pink. I am here to be with you and help you become a parent which is a right everyone should have. Together, we can discuss our options and review resources and legislation both locally, interstate and overseas and then decide how we are going to achieve this.