Egg Freezing

I feel very strongly about increasing awareness in regards to female preservation of fertility in the form of egg freezing.


I absolutely understand that women in my generation have a unique set of financial, academic, lifestyle and career factors that mean it is increasingly common to delay starting a family, either by choice or by circumstance. If you end up not having a child, I want this to be the product of an educated decision rather than the result of you being a victim of an age related decline in fertility where no timely attempt was made avoid this.
My experience tells me that the availability and success of egg freezing is not as widely known amongst women of the 30-40 year age group as it should be. Compounding this unfortunate situation, is that studies constantly show these women significantly and scarily overestimate the ability of IVF to counteract the decline in fertility that occurs with age.

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    For these reasons, I recommend that every woman at the age of 30 should take the time to consider their reproductive intent and how this aligns with their current set of life circumstances. If upon reflection the answer to this introspection is “yes I will try for a baby within the next year” or “no I do not want children” then the course of action is clear. If however, the response is the more common and understandable “I’m not sure if I’ll want children” or “I know I want them but now is not a good time” then I would highly recommend coming in to see me so we can discuss your fertility with the time and accuracy it deserves.


    During our consultation together, I will not try and convince you to freeze your eggs, although you may end up choosing to do this. Rather we will further discuss your desires, uncertainties and concerns regarding your fertility. I will educate you about your fertility, how it is affected by age and what options you have to preserve it and their likelihood of success. We can discuss in detail the egg freezing process, the relationship between the number of eggs collected and the probability of these producing at least one baby, as well as the costs involved in egg freezing (Fees).  I also commonly find myself discussing applicability and limitations of the AMH test and other ways you may be able to assess your fertility (Assessing Your Fertility). The overall aim of our consultation will be to empower you with the information, resources and my support to help you in facing the complex but very important decisions you need to make, in order to take control over your fertility.


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