Specialist Women’s Physiotherapist 

Your body is about to give you a baby and I want to make sure we are paying it our thanks by taking brilliant care of it.


Pregnancy, birth and motherhood places massive and multilayered demands on your body and with competing life loads it can often be too easy to just put up with the aches, pains, injuries, tiredness and deconditioning that can come with that.


The expert team at Women In Focus form a really important part of the multidisciplinary care that I can curate for you. They are specialists in pregnancy related physiotherapy and postpartum recovery and are absolute leaders in their field. They are trained to thoroughly assess any specific issues such as back, rib or pelvic pain, abdominal separation and pelvic floor function and will develop with you a comprehensive, evidence based and achievable plan to address them. They also offer a personalised birth preparation program.


For those that are keen to engage in pregnancy specific, home based physical activity, my practice has a close affiliation with The Empowered Motherhood Program. This is a brilliant web based service created by two female physiotherapists. It provides pregnant women with a week by week education and exercise program that they can utilise at their own pace. It has been designed to promote safe and functionally appropriate exercise during pregnancy and the months that follow delivery.

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