Classes and Support

Antenatal Classes

As a patient of Prince of Wales Private Hospital you are offered access to a range of education sessions designed to inform and support you and you support person, during your pregnancy.
Of course, an important aspect of the care I provide you is the opportunity and environment to ask me as many questions as you like. However, I find these structured, midwifery led sessions act as an important adjunct to this and are enjoyed by many patients. You can choose to enroll in classes which suit your needs and options include parenting; birth; epidural and caesarean.

Breast Feeding Support

Should you decide to breast feed, it is a skill that is needed to be learned simultaneously by first time mothers and their baby. Easy access to excellent quality guidance and advice is essential during this process. As a patient of mine you will be able to access the lactation service run through the Prince of Wales Private Hospital. This has been specifically designed to support you and your baby whilst you are establishing breast feeding. It includes voluntary attendance at structured sessions and discussion groups as well as daily drop in services which you can access whilst you are in hospital and after you have been discharged.

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