Integrative Approach

An important part of being a good practitioner in my specialty is keeping an open mind to factors that could be contributing to the condition we are focusing on, as well as the benefits of various methods aimed at treating it.


I pride myself on providing a holistic style of care and a natural flow on from this would be supporting those patients of mine who are keen to explore various aspects of integrative care.  I have a great working relationship with several practitioners in Sydney who provide a fantastic complimentary, integrative and/or Traditional Chinese Medicine service, focussed specifically on Women’s Health. Many of my patients have acupuncture for fertility and during their pregnancy and also adopt a specific pregnancy or fertility related complementary medicine regime.
As a patient of mine, I invite you to talk about any treatments you are on or are considering and we can discuss the merits of them and the role they play for you. Similarly, if you are interested in exploring the possibility of incorporating these aspects into our treatment plan, then I can recommend a well-respected and qualified practitioner to add to our team.  

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